Nicholas Cassius Clay

Mindfulness Coach at Being ONE World

Nicholas Cassius Clay is the founder of Being One World LLC, a mindfulness company Nicholas started in October 2020 so that he could offer mindfulness teaching and coaching to those looking for a holistic path to clarity, inner peace, and increased business performance, among many other benefits. The mission of Being One World is to empower and support people to be their most powerful expression of themselves while maintaining a clear and balanced state of mind. He accomplishes this by guiding clients from the lower mind to the higher mind. This involves teaching clients how to remove triggers and process negative energy out of their system with a continuation of coaching with the mental tools learned.

Nicholas has also involved himself in his local community in multiple ways. He is a 2022-2023 Rotarian Past President. He’s organized successful Rotary fund-raisers. Participated in Schenectady Rotary’s project at Steinmetz Career and Leadership Academy, known as Journey to Success. Nicholas volunteers with Junior Achievement, teaching middle and high school students financial literacy. His largest youth development project is the Wisdom Sharing Project, where he and his team work to gather panels of successful adults to share their wisdom with the youth of his local community.

Nicholas’s ultimate focus is to make mindfulness and healing his life’s work because of its power in healing the mind, creating healthy relationships, building a stable community, and restoring the authentic self from its traumatic prison.