Dr. Shaun Nelms

Vice President for Community Partnerships at the University of Rochester

Dr. Shaun Nelms is an author and prominent figure in the field of education and school transformation.
He is the Vice President for Community Partnerships at the University of Rochester. One of his notable
achievements was creating and implementing a school transformation model for the lowest-performing
school in the lowest-performing district in New York State.
During his tenure as the superintendent of East Upper and Lower Schools (formerly East High School) in
Rochester, N.Y., Dr. Nelms led a unique partnership between the New York State Education Department,
Rochester City School District, and the University of Rochester. This partnership aimed to develop a
school reform model that could be replicated in urban settings across the United States.
Under Dr. Nelms’ leadership, the school’s graduation rate increased significantly. In just eight years, the
graduation rate rose from 29% to an impressive 85%. This remarkable achievement highlights his
dedication to improving educational outcomes for students and transforming struggling schools into
successful institutions.
In recognition of his success, Dr. Nelms was named the first William and Sheila Konar Director for the
Center for Urban Education Success (CUES) at the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education
and Human Development. As the director, he leads the center’s efforts to support the success of P-12
urban schools locally and nationally through research, relationship building, and sharing best practices.
Additionally, Dr. Nelms is the CEO of the Nelms Consulting Group, where he provides expertise and
guidance on creating equitable school systems and effective administrative leadership.