Dr. Sabba Quidwai

CEO of Designing Schools

Dr. Sabba Quidwai gives you the skills and strategies to build your human advantage and be irreplaceable in a world with AI. For the past decade she’s been doing this with schools and businesses using a method called design thinking.

She was once a tech skeptic. Her wake-up call came in 2008 during the recession when she was laid off from her role as an educator. This setback led her to read Seth Godin’s “Linchpin,” which opened her eyes to how the world of work had changed. Inspired by the belief that “technology is not destiny; we shape our destiny,” as Erik Brynjolfsson puts it, she embraced design thinking.

This transformative mindset shifted her perspective on technology, turning it from an obstacle into an invaluable solution. This personal and professional transformation didn’t just open doors—it catapulted Dr. Quidwai from a high school science teacher to an Education Leadership Executive at Apple and the Director of Innovative Learning at USC. Throughout these roles, she has consistently focused on leveraging technology as a powerful tool for solving real-world problems and unlocking new opportunities, especially through design thinking and my SPARK framework.

By marrying design thinking with futures thinking, Dr. Quidwai helps organizations create a culture of innovation that’s not only responsive but also preparatory. While we can’t predict the future, design thinking and design sprints allow us to be well-prepared for multiple scenarios.

These methods align teams, streamline decision-making, and mitigate risks, turning technology from an obstacle into an opportunity. This isn’t just about navigating today’s landscape; it’s about developing the mindset and skills to adapt and innovate for whatever comes next.

Dr. Quidwai specializes in inspiring and motivating audiences to not just dream about the future, but actively engage in designing it. By asking the powerful question, “How might we?”, she ignites optimism and provides practical strategies to help you shape a future that is both technologically advanced and deeply empathetic.