Dr. Jeff Dillon

Superintendent for the Wilder School District in Wilder Idaho

Dr. Jeff Dillon serves as the Superintendent for the Wilder School District in Wilder Idaho. In 2013, Dr. Dillon initiated a technology plan, in partnership with the school board, to re-engineer teaching and learning in the high poverty, rural school district. The transformation began with a successful partnership with the Apple ConnectED team and has propelled the school district into a nationally recognized as an innovative student-centered learning environment where student voice and choice is valued and the right of each student is to have a personalized learning plan that drives their competency-based learning pathway, bringing training for teachers to utilize technology efficiently and effectively in the classroom, and iPads for all students.

The infusion of technology in the district allowed the district to implement Mastery-based Education, allowing student to progress based on mastery not seat time. Technology is used to personalize learning for all students and provides unique ways for students to demonstrate knowledge and take ownership of their learning. Students have voice and choice to choose their path, plan and pace for learning content.

In addition to his leadership within the District, Jeff is the Chairman for Idaho Association of School Administrators Legislative Priorities Committee; member of the AASA Personalized Learning Cohort; AASA Collaborative; AASA Rural Superintendents Steering Committee; Strategic Advisory Committee, Board-Savvy Superintendent; Co-owner of a consulting company, Rural American Resources for Education; and is a national education leadership speaker. Most recently Jeff has presented at the Idaho Title 1 Conference, Global MindED Education Conference and The Atlantic Education Summit in Washington DC.