Dr. Donna Vallese

CEO of Inspiring Leaders LLC

My entire career has been dedicated to improving outcomes for students by supporting educators in implementing game-changing and innovative practices. I have had the opportunity to work at all levels of education (state, university, district, school, and classroom) and those settings have been in urban, charter, sub-urban, and rural schools.

The Educational System is in need of revolutionizing so that schools can better meet the needs of students. I coach and support leaders trying to make that happen both in my business and in my full time role as Director of Learning and Continuous Improvement.

Currently, the biggest project I am working on is Ed. Matadores: Revolutionizing the Educational system. This is a collaborative book series that will compile and highlight the ways in which educational leaders are already transforming aspectos of the educational system. This series of books will support the development of a collective of dedicated educational leaders who are able to identify and problem solve the root of the problems in our educational system that prevent global systemic change. Together we will revolutionize education.

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