Disruptive Excellence Framework

Michael T. Conner, Ed.D.

The Disruptive Excellence Framework is a model for leaders and teams to transform their organization for a future that will be adaptive, unpredictable, and ambiguous. The elements within the framework underpins the Disruptive Effect (i.e., Anchors of Innovation Science) for a copious strategic and scientific approach to closing gaps and developing an education model for the future. The goal of the framework is to provide leaders and teams to ground strategy and culture to promote excellence, inclusion, and empowerment to drive systemic change for sustainability.

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The Innovation Core (Value Feature #1)

During the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e., DC-Stage of Education), every tenet within our ecosystem was challenged. In essence, we had to think differently in the context of delivering high-quality instruction to ALL families and students. Because of the novelty regarding the pandemic shifts, educators holistically had to think radically about the “core” of school. The Instructional Core – teacher, student, and content – was “exploited” by new elements with the shift of instruction. The Digital Core – artificial intelligence, technology, and data analytics – were being intentionally interfaced with traditional practices within the instructional core. As we head into the first “typical year” since the 2018 – 2019 academic year, we must continue to use these practices in a syngenetic manner. The Innovation Core – a tool for leaders to reimagine their instructional model where stakeholders are empowered to develop a future focused learning model for ALL.

The Excellence Loop (Value Feature #2)

Any organization can have an impactful strategy or strategic operating plan, but culture is the essential vessel for sustainability within any continuous improvement process. Elements in the Excellence Loop are aligned to closing excellence gaps to impact organizational culture. Leaders and teams can close excellence gaps underscored with a shared mindset of metabolizing excellence and equity through science and data.

The Creative Staircase (Value Feature #3)

In order to enact “systems change” to be in alignment with the new economic demand, leaders and teams must look at their organizations differently for innovation, creativity, and growth. Using the Creative Staircase model, organizations can reimagine their structures, systems, and resources for open innovation. Thus, the permission to design, research, develop, and experiments for a model that promotes value, excellence, justice, and new value creation.