Announcement of Voices for Excellence Health in Education Initiative

Michael T. Conner, Ed.D.

The DC-Stage of Education revealed various quandaries within the ecosystem – specifically excellence gaps as it pertains to access, performance, and readiness. These unprecedent discoveries are not linear with closing unfinished learning gaps at an accelerated manner, but becoming more intentional with improving the health of learning environments for ALL.

Through a rigorous research and national interview process, A.E.G has identified ActivePure as the core operator of the Voices for Excellence Health Education Initiative. The genesis of this innovative initiative derives from my experience as a Superintendent of Schools during the pandemic. I became acutely cognizant with underpinning healthy schools and the necessity to underscore indoor air-quality as a strategic focus for learning organizations across America. Through the intersection of technology, data, analytics, and science, I want Superintendents of Schools and learning organizations to close the gap elements embedded in the Disruptive Excellence Framework through strategic and innovative practices focusing on indoor air quality. It was the novelty of balancing health data and science in the DC-Stage of Education where our pretext has been framed simply because of COVID-19.

Now in the AC-Stage of Education, underpinning scientific practices with the Disruptive Excellence Framework and technology powered by ActivePure, we have the levers to raise summative achievement scores, decrease absenteeism rates, improve pedagogical efficacy with teachers, while improving the quality of air using advanced technologies. I want to thank Mr. Joe Urso and ActivePure for operating the first landmark initiative of A.E.G. Equity is at the core of this initiative, which A.E.G will seek the most innovative leaders both domestically and internationally to close the excellence gaps amongst national I.A.Q. standards. Education and health are two essential needs that ALL humanity deserves at high levels in the context of quality. The opportunity for action is now – collectively, we can achieve equity and excellence to change the world.

Onward and upward!
I look forward to your participation and collaboration

Michael T. Conner, Ed.D.
Agile Evolutionary Group